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We are committed to Color & Hair Care perfection at The Elite Group. Goldwell provides the complete solution of professional hair care products & hair Color that ideally complement the Goldwell Color System.
All Goldwell shampoos, treatments, conditioners & styling/finishing products offer the absolute best care for the hair, delivering fabulous results.
These products by Goldwell are formulated using the most innovative and advanced technologies to consistently deliver the utmost predictable & vibrant results every time.
Our main product line for a reason, try it and you’ll see why we love it so much.
Oribe, the eponymous product line from one of the most influential hairdressers of all time, defines luxury in hair care.
Combining 30 years of styling at the top of the editorial & salon worlds with old – world craftsmanship & cutting edge innovation from the most sought after beauty artisans, the Oribe line delivers the highest possible levels of performance & sophistication.
Beautiful in function & form alike, this line is for taste driven individuals who know that personal style – perfectly expressed – is the ultimate luxury.
As the first-ever range developed specifically for curly hair, these great products create beautiful & healthy curls for life.
Ouidad formulations are lightweight, gentle, moisturizing and water-soluble. They work from the inside out to transform hair into its healthiest condition. Ouidad products feed curly what it needs – moisture, proteins, vitamins and amino acids – to help it look its best today & tomorrow. Ouidad products enhance & define curls, not suppress them with heavy oils or waxes.
Understand & love your one of a kind curls!
IT'S A 10
Over 20 years in the making, It’s A 10 has revolutionized the approach to hair care by delivering results that people can see and experience – instantly!
They have stood by their vision to create hair care which delivers multipurpose products stylists and their salon clients would love.
What takes other lines multiple steps and bottles, It’s a 10 delivers all the benefits in just one bottle. Simplicity and refinement at its best.
This line began with a commitment to developing the best in professional hair care. The KMS brand represents a new obsession with the freedom of style. No matter what your style is, KMS products can help you custom create any look from start to finish. With the powerful fusion of technology & nature, KMS delivers high quality products that work and do what they say. Its extensive line of is a reflection of the brand’s attitude, diversity, unexpected contrasts and its daring approach that’s completely unique, just like our Elite Clients!

This story begins in Vietnam where natives use an ancient beauty ritual consisting of various steeped tea leaves to produce a potent tea complex that results in numerous benefits for the hair.
These ancient beauty rituals have formed the foundation to create Pai-Shau. Their signature Exotic Tea Complex is a proprietary blend of concentrated steep teas from around the world providing powerful rejuvenating benefits that work to strengthen, nourish and protect the hair.
By combining signature Exotic Tea Complex with advanced binary technology, Pai Shau is making big strives in the hair industry.
Hair Salon, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, hairdressing, hair color, hair design, hair art, hair cut, highlights, balayage, keratin treatment.Hair Salon, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, hairdressing, hair color, hair design, hair art, hair cut, highlights, balayage, keratin treatment.